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Management Plan

A new management plan is needed for the Rideau Canal, the last one was done in 2005. The purpose of the plan is to ensure the commemorative integrity of the Rideau Canal National Historic Site, guide appropriate public use, ensure the application of cultural resource management principles and practices in decision-making and conserve the natural values of the Canal.

The re-organization of the management structure and policy direction in 2012 should have required a new plan, but Parks Canada never did one. A new plan should have been done regardless by 2015 (10 year cycle), but that wasn't done either. Parks Canada has effectively been operating the Rideau Canal without a management plan since 2012.

Parks Canada re-set all their management plans to a 2020 deadline even though the actual 2012 legislation (Bill C-38), which changed the Parks Canada Agency Act to reset the time period for management plans from every 5 years to every 10 years,states; "The Minister shall review the management plan for each park at least every 10 years and shall cause any amendments to the plan to be tabled in each House of Parliament." "At least every 10 years" is from the date of the existing plan, the legislation did not reset the start date to 2010. So we are now 5 years past the legislated deadline.

Public consultations planned for 2017 were pushed back into 2018, delayed again into 2019 and is now supposed to happen in 2020. A draft plan should (in theory) be available for public review in Spring 2020. We are now on a very tight timeline to do the required robust public consultation and to get that properly incorporated into a new plan and then obtain all the required approvals of that revised plan prior to it being submitted to Parliament. We'll post any information we get regarding the 2020 consultation schedule as soon as we hear about it.

Parks Canada's Rideau Canal Management page can be found here: www.pc.gc.ca/en/lhn-nhs/on/rideau/info/plan

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